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We only post the newborn picture so you see the color and sex of the puppy. We do update Instagram with what puppies are available. If you want updated pictures, please send message via website, Instagram or text message.

Litter Born: 11.21.2023

Dam: Anastasia

Sire: Earl

Litter Size: 7 Pups: 4 Girls and 3 boys

Litter Born: 9.12.2023

Dam: Bryce

Sire: Navy

Litter Size: 5  Pups: 

Litter Born: 6.?.2023

Dam: Jules

Sire: Navy

Litter Size: 6 Pups: 

Litter Born: 6.19.2023

Dam: Stitch

Sire: Navy

Litter Size: 5. There are 3 girls and 2 boys

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