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Our Frenchies

Broad River Frenchies was created by my husband, sister and I for the love of the French bulldog breed. Our goal is to breed for a pet quality dog. We have several breeding females and 3 studs. We are not partial to breeding for just one color, but rather breed for various colors such as creams, fawns, fawns w/black masks, brindles, chocolates, blue variations, black and tans and merles.

Our dogs are our family and  we treat them as such. Our dogs are well socialized with family and friends. Our dogs are not locked in cages, but rather have large yards to run in and play. 

Broad_River_Frenchies_3 adjustable.png

Our Studs


Earl - Blue Merle


Navy - Blue and Tan

Our Dams


Bryce - Fawn blackmask

Broad_River_Frenchies_3 adjustable.png

Indy - Blue/Tan 

Broad_River_Frenchies_3 adjustable.png

Anastasia - Blue

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