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We are proud to offer happy, healthy home grown AKC registered French Bulldogs

Since 2013, we've devoted ourselves to nurturing French Bulldogs with a focus that goes beyond the ordinary. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: prioritize robust health and delightful temperaments in every puppy we raise. Each of our French Bulldog puppies is a testament to this commitment, growing up in a nurturing environment, surrounded by care and social interaction. We take pride in being a small, family owned and licensed hobby breeder. 
Every puppy is a cherished member of our extended family, awaiting a loving forever home.

Update: 4.17.24
Indy had her litter last week. All puppies have been spoken for. 

Tupelo will be having her litter in the first part of May. This will be our first batch of creams that we have had in a while. Please reach out to 404-434-1789 if interested in this litter. 

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