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Anastasia/Earl - Puppies were born on November 11th. Newborn pics posted on website. Check Instagram for updated photos.

Chloe Jane/Navy - Puppies born 12/2/23. Newborn pics posted on website. Check instagram for updated photos.

Sophie/Navy - Breeding a success. Look for a mid/late January delivery.

Things to know about Frenchies

While we diligently ensure the health of our puppies, it's important to acknowledge that certain conditions may still arise. To this end, we ensure each puppy undergoes two thorough veterinary checks before they join their new homes. If any health issues are detected during these checks, we promptly inform the adopter to discuss the available options.

Being brachycephalic dogs, Frenchies are characterized by their distinct flat faces. This unique facial structure often leads to snorting respiratory sounds, though it varies from dog to dog. It's crucial for adopters to understand the health implications associated with this breed's physical traits.

Among the conditions common in brachycephalic dogs, Stenotic Nares is notable. This condition involves the narrowing of the nostrils, which can typically be corrected with a straightforward surgical procedure.


Another condition to be aware of is the elongated Soft Palate, which can separate the nasal passage from the oral cavity, often resulting in snorting sounds. Like Stenotic Nares, this condition can also be addressed surgically if diagnosed. We believe in keeping our adopters well-informed about these aspects to ensure the best care for our Frenchies.

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