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March of '23 - We just bred Anastasia to Cort and are expecting a litter in April. 

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Things to know about Frenchies

Although we take care to make sure that our puppies are not going to have any of the conditions below, the possibility may exist. We want make sure our puppies have 2 vet checks prior to going home. Should any of these conditions be found at the time of the vet visit, we immediately reach out to the adopter and discuss options. Frenchies are considered to be brachycephalic dogs. You can identify these types of dogs by their flat faces. Most brachycephalic dogs tend to make snorting respiratory sounds because of the way their throats and faces are shaped. Every dog is different and may or may not have these sounds. 

Brachycephalic dogs can have conditions associated with the flat faces. We like to make sure adopters are aware of these conditions. Some of these conditions can be:

Stenotic Nares: This is commonly found in brachycephalic dogs. This is a condition is the narrowing of the nostrils. This can be corrected by a simple surgery.


Soft Palate: A condition that separates the nasal passage from the oral cavity. This can create a snorting sound as well. If this condition is identified, this can be corrected by a simple surgery. 


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