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Litter Born: 12.23.20

Dam: Maddie

Sire: Navy

Litter Size: 6 pups. 1 blue male, 1 blue/tan female, 1 sable fawn w/black mask male, 1 black/tan male and 2 black brindle females

Litter Born: 12.28.20

Dam: Lyric

Sire: Earl

Litter Size: 4 pups. 1 blue merle female, 3 black brindle males with white spot markings

Litter Born: 2.11.21

Dam: Darcy

Sire: Earl

Litter Size: 5 pups. 2 fawn females, 1 fawn male and 2 brindle males. 

Litter Born: 4.2.21

Dam: Hope

Sire: Earl

Litter Size: 5 pups. 4 girls and 1 boy

Litter Born: 4.7.21

Dam: Sienna

Sire: Navy

Litter Size: 3 pups. All grils. 1 is dark brindle, 2 fawns with black masks

Litter Born: 4.16.21

Dam: Tua

Sire: Navy

Litter Size: 5 pups total. 1 Blue/Tan male, 1 Blue/Tan female, 1 Black/tan male, 2 Blue Fawn males

Litter Born: 7.28.21

Dam: Bryce

Sire: Navy

Litter Size: 3 blue males. (could possibly turn blue and tan)

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